AI Tools


Below is a “living” list of AI tools by classification. The tools listed below can be accessed on either a free or freemium basis. In addition, this list is considered to be a “living” inventory of tools that is reviewed and updated on a semesterly basis.

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Please note that (1) UNC is not endorsing any specific tool by listing it here and (2) users are responsible for following the UNC guidelines when using these tools.

Personal Assistant AI

Tools in this category allow users to enter prompts and in response, it will generate content that provides information related to the prompt. Users need to ensure that the information provided to them is accurate. In addition, users can enter follow-up prompts to further contextualize their original prompt. The tool will then refine its content based on the additional prompts. Within this category there are nuances, such as if the tool will provide only text-based responses or other media (e.g., images, gifs), if users can upload documents (e.g., PDFs) to be ready by the tool, and if links to sources that the tool used as the basic of its responses are provided.

Personal Assistant/AI Tools:

Image-Generator AI

Tools in this category create images based on the prompt entered by users. After the AI generators the images, the tools may allow for further editing, refinement, and formatting of the images. Once satisfied with the image, users can download it to their devices. In addition, tools in this category may offer other artistic generative features, such as effects with text and the ability to edit images.

Image Generastor AI Tools:

*Coming soon.


Research Focused AI

Tools in this category can be used by users to search for previously published information about a topic. After entering the prompt, the tools will locate content in response to the prompt and provide information about it along with direct links to its online location. Other tools in this set allow users to upload PDFs and ask questions about them, which the tool will answer based on the PDF uploaded to it.

Research Focused AI:

*For users of ChatGPT4 that allows plug-ins, you can download Scholar.AI to support your research.


Presentation Generator AI

Tools in this category generate presentations for users based on keywords and descriptors. After generating a presentation, users can refine it based on the topic, number of slides, and type of multimedia content, among other ways. Once the presentation is finalized, you will need to download it or export it to their device.

Presentation Generator AI Tools:


Productivity Tools

The tools in this category each have specific functionalities:

  • Any Summary is a tool where users can upload most file types (e.g., documents, images, videos) into this tool, and it will generate a summary of the file’s content.
  • TutorAI allows the user to enter a topic and the tool will aggregate content as an online course.

Translation AI

The following are just a few of the available AI translation tools: