Generative AI Employee Resources

ChatGPT and other generative AI tools are changing Higher Education, organizations and society. To help faculty and staff use these tools appropriately and ethically, the UNC AI Committee has developed a set of resources, including guidance, training, and tools.

Student Generative AI Usage Guidance*

Faculty may provide this Student AI Usage Guidance in their syllabus. Unless the instructor has other guidance they prefer to use, we recommend including this guidance to students on the first day of class.

Student Generative AI Usage Guidance PowerPoint slides for first day of class

Two PowerPoint slides that faculty can use on the first day of class that summarize the guidance above.


Student Training Modules

Explore videos that demonstrate three aspects of AI Literacy: AI Prompting and Thinking, AI Misinformation and Biases, and AI Plagiarism and Citation.

The Writing Center's Tip Sheet

The Writing Center’s tip sheet on generative AI and Academic Writing offers a brief overview of potential uses and pitfalls when using AI tools.  Faculty may share this tip sheet with students as they discuss the use of generative AI tools within a course context.

Teaching Generative AI Usage Guidance*

This is guidance for instructors about using AI in the classroom. It addresses how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI for teaching.

Research Generative AI Usage Guidance*

This guidance is for researchers and addresses how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI for research purposes.

Staff Generative AI Usage Guidance

This guidance is for staff and addresses how to appropriately and ethically use generative AI for their daily work.

Faculty Training Modules

This in-depth six-module training series for faculty  provides guidance for teaching with generative AI.

The modules include the following:

  • Module 1, Course Introduction: An introduction to the course from Provost Chris Clemens
  • Module 2, Generative AI: Provides an overview about generative AI and the AI Ecosystem.
  • Module 3, The Art and Science of Prompting AI: Explains a 3-step approach to prompting AI followed with examples for teaching, scholarship, and productivity.
  • Module 4, Teaching with AI: Describes ways to conceptualize AI for instructional purposes and designing assessments along with examples to use it for teaching and learning.
  • Module 5, Ensuring Academic Integrity with AI: Puts forward guidance that instructors, students, and researchers can document their use of generative AI, respective to their contexts and work.
  • Module 6, Launching Your AI Trajectory: Offers a tool that faculty can use to self-assess and identify their strengths and areas for improvement for using generative AI.

AI Tools

A list and description of available AI tools that faculty and staff may utilize.

Faculty Training Presentation

Mark McNeilly and Stan Ahalt presented an AI training in July 2023. Here is a link to the full presentation and transcript.


* Your school may have slightly different guidance so you may want to check with your UNC AI Committee Representative to ensure you are using the proper guidance.