Assessment & Resources

The Educational Benefits of Diversity Working Group’s assessment plan was developed to guide ongoing research and evaluation to measure Carolina’s work to foster an environment where undergraduate students receive and contribute to the educational benefits of diversity. The plan outlines a mixed-methods design that uses multiple quantitative and qualitative techniques for collecting and analyzing data over the student lifecycle — from pre-college exposure, admission and enrollment, curricular and co-curricular experiences, graduation, and alumni status.

The plan is meant to be executed over a multi-year cycle. Some of the data sources listed below are already collected and reviewed annually for the purpose of tracking trends. Other assessments, such as those involving more complex data collection tasks or focusing on a specialized topic, are conducted periodically. The plan is reviewed annually and revised as needed to address new questions, take advantage of emerging research opportunities, or to discontinue data collections that no longer generate helpful insights. The goal of the multi-year assessment plan is to enable us to continuously review data that informs our ongoing efforts to provide students with the educational benefits of diversity while ensuring that we fulfill our commitment to administering thoughtfully designed and rigorous research and evaluation.